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African Development Bank's newsletter on hydropower

The latest edition of the newsletter by the FINESSE program of the African Development is focussing on hydropower in Africa
The FINESSE program of the African Development Bank is working towards mainstreaming renewable energy and energy efficiency in the operations of the Bank. During their February 2005 FINESSE regional consultative workshop in Tunis, the sub regional assessments that were carried out by five renowned energy experts were presented. The discussions at the workshop focussed on which priorities to give while implementing the FINESSE program. An issue that kept on coming back is the abundant hydro resource availability on the continent and its very limited utilisation. Therefore, next to biomass, hydropower was selected as a target technology for the FINESSE program. This edition of the FINESSE newsletter lives upon that selection and features articles that describe current initiatives in the field of hydropower on the continent.

Additional information: http://finesse-africa.org/newsletter/200604/
News date: 27/04/2006

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