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African tea and sugar industries to get hydro, cogeneration plants

Green financial mechanism the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the UN Environment Programme (Unep) have joined forces to deliver small-scale hydropower projects and cogeneration power projects to East African states.
The two initiatives aimed to first deliver 10 MW of hydropower to the tea industry, as well as 60 MW of cogeneration power within six years, from burning sugar by-products, Unep said in a statement on Thursday.

The African Development Bank would serve as a coimplementer for the two projects.

Unep envisaged the eventual installation of as much as 200 MW of cogeneration capacity for the region, the countries involved being Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Burundi, Mozambique, Rwanda and Tanzania.

For the hydropower initiative, six pilot small hydro-demonstration projects covering at least four of the listed States would be constructed, generating 10 MW of power within four years.

Beyond the initial four-year phase, the project was expected to stimulate a total installation of an additional 82 MW of small hydropower capacity in the medium- to long-term, Unep stated.

It was envisaged that the cogeneration projects could add 200 MW to the participating countries' power grids.

The UN body went on to highlight that these GEF-funded projects would build on the successes with cogeneration in Mauritius, where up to 40% of the country's electricity needs were met by waste by-products from the sugar industry.

"These two new UNEP-led projects showcase the multiple benefits sustainable development can have for rural areas, offering social, economic and environmental benefits that help locally and globally, " GEF chairperson and CEO Monique Barbut said.

Additional information: Visit UNEP's dedicated web sites on Greening Tea and co-generation
News date: 09/11/2007

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