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Kenya: First hydro project to be constructed under Greening Tea initiative

Construction of the first small hydro-power project that will help tea factories reduce their cost of electricity by a third will start in June.
Tea factories currently pay Sh16 per kilowatt hour of electricity used. But the cost of the same amount of electricity from the small hydro projects will be Sh4.80.

The effort to construct a 2.8MW power source along Nyeri District’s Gura River will start in June this year, according to Bhola Shrestra, the project consultant.

On Tuesday, the project partners East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA) and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) put out adverts calling construction engineers interested in participating in the project to apply.

A total of six small hydro projects will be constructed in EATTA member countries including Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Rwanda. But the two projects in Kenya will form the basis on which other tea factories will set up their own small hydro projects.

Additional information: Greening Tea web site
News date: 05/02/2009

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