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Swaziland tenders prefeasibility study 120 MW hydropower plant

The Swaziland Electricity Company (SEC) has invited submissions from engineering consultancy firms, for the full feasibility and predesign study for the Ngwempisi hydropower cascading scheme.
Companies wishing to take part in the study would be required to attend a compulsory site visit on March 5.

The scheme was looking at the potential to generate 120-MW of power from three stations in series.

Eskom’s new time-of-use tariffs, which made electricity more expensive in peak hours, meant that the Swaziland utility could reconsider the feasibility for operation of the cascading scheme in peak hours only.

Swaziland currently generates some 60-MW of power from hydropower, which accounts for about 30% of the country’s 200-MW electricity demand requirement.

If the Ngwempisi hydropower cascading scheme could produce 120-MW of power during peak periods, Swaziland would still have a small deficit of power and would thus still rely on importing power.

Additional information: tender info
News date: 24/02/2009

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