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AfDB is looking for a Junior Consultant to support its Energy Strategy Update

The African Development Bank is looking to engage an individual consultant for the review of existing draft strategy, including an update of the existing data and portfolio information. The consultant will also be expected to contribute to strategic initiatives.

In line with its Medium–term Strategy and on request of the African governments and shareholders, the Bank aims to be a lead financier for clean energy in Africa, supporting low-carbon development on the continent. The Bank has substantially built up its pipeline of public and private clean energy investments in the continent over the last few years. The Bank will lead the application of cleaner technologies for traditional fuels in Africa.The creation of an Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department (ONEC) demonstrates senior management’s commitment to assist regional member countries in embarking on a low-carbon growth strategy. Furthermore, management is determined to fulfill its shareholders’ request in the context of the Sixth General Capital Increase of the African Development Bank and the Twelfth Replenishment of the African Development Fund.

The Bank is currently in the process of preparing its five-year, bank-wide energy strategy, which will guidethe activities of the Bank in this sector. ONEC is in charge of delivering the strategy. The Energy Strategy builds on extensive consultations with stakeholders from within and outside the Bank. The Bank seeks broad participation in these consultations to elicit substantial input from a variety of stakeholders. The Bank has already reached out directly to the following constituencies to seek their input and offer them opportunities to participate: national, regional, and local NGOs based in Africa or working on relevant issues; international organizations; ministries of energy and other policy makers; academia; and businesses. In addition several relevant background studies were conducted and a draft energy startegy exists.

The Bank is looking to engage an individual consultant for the review of existing draft strategy, including an update of the existing data and portfolio information. The consultant will also be expected to contribute to strategic initiatives.

For this purpose, the Bank intends to hire an individual consultant that will provide the following services:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Update of the Energy Strategy
    The consultant is to seek and include updated information as with regards to (i) energy sector developments and (b) the Bank’s planned activities in the sector. In close coordination with the Energy strategy team and the Portfolio analyst, the consultant will be responsible for reviewing the existing energy strategy document and proposing possible areas for improvement. The consultant will also ensure that all data and graphs included in the Energy strategy and in related documents reflect the most recent available data. In addition, the consultant will ensure that the strategy is consistent with regards to the Bank’s Long –Term Strategy as well as other relevant Bank internal and external milestones.
  • Contribute to communication work as with regards to the Energy strategy and other organize an internal launching event of the Background study(ies)
  • Assist Bank staff in communicating and disseminating the energy strategy internally and externally.
    This will include the content development of a the Energy Strategy blog on the AfDB Internet surface as well as developing, in close coordination with the task team leaders, brief’s and inputs related to strategic priorities.
  • Support the Strategy team in strategic initiatives, such as resource mobilization, trust fund acquisition and others.
    Develop Trust Fund proposals as appropriate to finance and support’ the Bank’s pilot efforts in innovative areas related to energy.
  • Assist on project work as with regards to the ONEC portfolio as the need arises

There will be competitive selection based on a monthlylump sum. Per diem and travel costs will be reimbursed according to the Bank’s Travel policy.

Selection criteria

  • At least  3 years of experience with energy infrastructure strategy and/or policy design in international financial institutions (IFIs) similar to the AfDB, including experience with the institutional mandates of IFIs, their development objectives and financing instruments. Demonstrated abilities of delivering under pressure
  • Above average strategic and operational skills;
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, multicultural abilities, rigor, sound judgment, availability and a positive and proactive work attitude.
  • Strong ability to communicate and read effectively in English AND French;
  • Strong competence in the use of standard software products: Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
Note: registration in DACON is mandatory. Please register at http://dacon.afdb.org/dacon/ before submitting your CV to be considered for the shortlist. The contract will be awarded for the duration of 6month. The work will be to 90% Tunis-based.

The Bank will provide the consultant with all the necessary support including:

  • Providing all the necessary Bank documents, reports, guidelines etc.
  • Providing office space and logistical support

Additional information: AfDB energy strategy
News date: 12/09/2012

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