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ICHSP conducts assessments of small hyrdo projects in Nigeria

The International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICHSP) has carried out a technical assessment on SHP projects in Southern Nigeria.

The ICHSP technical assessment panel visited two projects. One project will supply electricity to a library and surrounding areas while the other project aims to refurbish a pre-existing station. ICHSP is mandated to supply equipment and technical consultation on the first project and plans to carry out a general assessment of the second project.

Members of the ICHSP technical assessment team in Nigeria spoke with former Nigerian presidents, government officials at the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Power and the Energy Management Committee as well as UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) representatives during their assessment.

These SHP projects represent an extension of ICSHP’s “Lighting-up Rural Africa” project, which aims to supplement on- and off-grid electrification with mini, micro or pico hydro systems in rural areas, and to generally link energy services to support poverty reduction efforts in Africa. ICHSP carried out the assessment from 11-19 August.

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News date: 17/09/2012

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