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uMgungundlovu District Municipality in South Africa initiates feasibility study on Albert Falls Dam hydro

The uMgungundlovu District Municipality is requesting quotations from reputable, experienced and reliable service providers for a feasibility study on the generation of Hydropower at the Albert Falls Dam. Deadline is 11 October 2013
Scope of Work:
  • What is the historical flow profile below Albert Falls Dam over the last 10 years and what is the projected flow profile over the next 20 years?
  • What is the potential hydropower energy that can be produced below Albert Falls Dam and adjacent waterfall annum?
  • What would be the cost to realise this hydropower potential?
  • What is the revenue potential from hydropower?
  • What is the financial feasibility of hydropower generation at Albert Falls, taking into account all financial and life cycle costs?
  • Who owns the land and physical infrastructure relevant to the realisation of the hydropower at Albert Falls?
  • Are the owners of the land and physical infrastructure willing and able to enter into the necessary agreements for the realisation of hydropower at Albert Falls Dam, and what form would these agreements take?
  • Are there any legal or regulatory obstacles to the realisation of hydropower at Albert Falls dam and if possible, how can these be overcome?
  • What would be the steps needed for the realisation of hydropower at Albert Falls, and what is a reasonable timeline for the project to come to fruition?

Note that the purpose of the study detailed engineering work is not required. A confidence limit of 20% for all estimates (hydrological and financial) will be sufficient. The team must have appropriate experience in the planning and implementation of small hydropower projects which encompasses the following disciplines:

  • River flow rate analysis;
  • Potential hydro energy evaluations at project site;
  • Costs and revenue streams for project financial viability;
  • Land ownership and land use rights and agreements;
  • Legal and regulatory issues pertaining to the project development;
  • Steps to be taken for project implementation and associated time scales.

Additional information: Full RFQ
News date: 02/10/2013

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